Our Process

Pacific Premier Franchise Capital's loan process is fairly simple, although there is a lot of information that goes into it. Each loan goes from initial review, to proposal, to credit, to approval, and then funding.

  • Discuss the project with the franchisee to determine if there seems to be a fit
  • Gather financial information and ask questions
  • Preliminary review of the financial strength of the deal and ask any questions
  • If the loan terms match the needs of the franchisee and our requirements, we issue a loan proposal to the franchisee
  • If the franchisee accepts the proposal, it is signed and sent back to Pacific Premier along with a proposal deposit check
  • Franchisee gathers more detailed information so that the project can be submitted to credit for approval
  • Credit reviews the deal, asks questions of the franchisee and then makes a decision on the project
  • If approved, a commitment letter is issued and a closing date is set
  • The needed documentation is gathered and processed for closing

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