Our Team

If you look through Pacific Premier Franchise Capital's executive bios, you'll see each team member averages more than 15 years of experience in the franchise finance sector.

We get it. We know the business. We know the brands. Our team uses their experience to evaluate each franchisee's organization and the brands they operate based on metrics that uniquely apply to their operation.

The team then creatively structures a financial package that not only works for the current project, but also ensures the structure will enable success in the years and projects that follow.

What if you were able to work with your dream team? A group of professionals that know the game, and keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. Individuals with integrity and compassion. A team that compliments one another, each bringing unique talent and an uncompromising commitment to you.

Well, you've found it.

  • John Rinaldi Executive Vice President, President of Franchise Lending

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    123 Tice Boulevard

    Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677


    Fax: 201-746-6947

    Cell: 201-970-5934


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    As a franchise restaurant finance industry veteran of more the 20 years, John Rinaldi brings a wealth of experience as EVP/Director of Franchise Lending at Pacific Premier Franchise Capital. He leads a team that has worked together in various organizations within the industry.

    Rinaldi is the past President and CEO of Infinity Franchise Capital and Irwin Franchise Capital, the strong predecessor of First Franchise Capital. Prior to those engagements, he was the executive vice president and chief executive officer of Franchise Capital Services, executive vice president of Federated Capital Corporation and senior vice president and chief executive officer for Bell Atlantic Capital Corporation. He held the positions of Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer and President of FMAC.

  • Lloyd Droller Senior Vice President, Credit Manager – Franchise Lending

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    109 Danbury Road, Suite 4

    Ridgefield, CT 06877


    Fax: 203-244-5321

    Cell: 201-744-7522


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    Lloyd Droller has more than 35 years of experience in underwriting loans, risk management and portfolio management. He has been a Chief Credit Officer in the franchised restaurant lending industry for more than 14 years. Droller has also worked in the healthcare, science, technology and graphic arts and broadcasting industries.

    He earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration at the University of Hartford.

  • Sharon Soltero 1st Vice President, Franchisor Relations & Marketing

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    3154 18th Avenue, Suite 3

    Columbus, NE 68601


    Fax: 402-562-1819


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    Sharon Soltero has worked in the franchise restaurant finance industry since 2004. As Marketing Vice President, she facilitates communication between the nation's most successful restaurant brands and Pacific Premier Franchise Capital as well as develops and manages all marketing and advertising activities. Previously, she was the Corporate Communication Manager for Nebraska Public Power District.

    She holds a bachelor's degree in organizational communication with a minor in journalism from Wayne State College.

  • Chuck Fletcher Vice President, Marketing, Franchise Capital

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    Cell: (201) 981-8318


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    Chuck Fletcher has more then 25 years in the middle market banking/commercial lending industry with over 15 of them in the branded retail/franchise food business. Prior to his involvement in franchise lending he managed a team of salespeople who negotiated vendor finance programs at Citicorp, NA. During his tenure in franchise lending, he had been a partner and SVP/Sales at Peachtree Franchise Finance and held Sales Vice President positions for both FMAC and Finova Capital.

    Fletcher has a degree in Accounting from William Paterson University.

  • Melanie Gutzmer Vice President, Marketing, Franchise Capital

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    Cell: (201) 744-8501


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    With more than 25 years of financing experience, Melanie Gutzmer has worked in the franchised restaurant finance industry for 15 years. She has consistently been a leading sales producer in various territories across the United States, and is currently serving franchisees in the South territory. Gutzmer attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and previously worked with United Capital, First Franchise Capital and Irwin Franchise Capital.

  • Allan Hauptli Vice President, Marketing, Franchise Capital

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    Cell: (201) 970-8564


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    Allan Hauptli has 25 years of experience in middle market lending, with 20 years in the franchise restaurant lending space. He serves the upper Midwest and Plains states. He previously held the position of Vice President, Account Manager for GE Capital Franchise Finance. Prior to that, he was a Sales Vice President position for Fleet Bank in their Restaurant Franchise Finance Division for 10 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Illinois State University and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from DePaul University.

  • Sean Kenney Vice President, Marketing, Franchise Capital

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    Cell: (201) 970-8447


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    Sean Kenney has been in the banking/commercial finance industry since 2004, and most recently held the position of Officer at PNC Franchise Finance. His territory at Infinity Franchise Capital includes the Southeast United States. Sean is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance, and minor in International Business.

  • Tom Melchior Marketing Vice President, - Northeast US

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    Cell: (201) 248-6235


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    Tom Melchior serves as the marketing vice president for the Northeast territory. With 20 years of experience underwriting franchised restaurant loans with companies such as Textron, First Franchise Capital and FFCA, Tom has a tremendous depth of knowledge of a restaurant company's financial statements. This gives him a unique ability to structure loan packages to help maximize a franchisee's profitability. Tom holds an MBA and BSBA in Finance/Real Estate from the University of Nebraska.

  • Suzanne Tellis Vice President, Marketing, Franchise Capital

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    Cell: 949-518-6610


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    Suzanne Tellis has over 20 years of franchise finance experience both in restaurants and retail petroleum. She previously worked for Citizens Bank, Infinity Franchise Capital, and Citi Capital holding positions in documentation, credit underwriting, and relationship management. Before her career in restaurant finance, Suzanne worked as a Finance Manager in the restaurant industry. Ms. Tellis received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business & Finance from California State University Fullerton.

  • April Rutten Account Manager, Franchise Capital

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    Cell: (402) 318-9629


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    April Rutten recently rejoined the franchise restaurant lending industry after a brief stint in the medical recruiting field. She worked for more than seven years with Irwin Franchise Capital in the same South territory that she covers today with Marketing Vice President Melanie Gutzmer. A Nebraska native, Rutten is anxious to learn about franchisees' upcoming projects and financing needs.

    Please contact the account manager above either by phone or email to see if your project is a fit with our loan products.

  • Cassandra "Cassie" Jeffryes Account Manager

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    Cell: (949) 390-0254


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    Cassandra Jeffryes is an Account Manager serving the Western United States. She has experience with sales, sales management, customer support, and banking. Before joining Pacific Premier Bank, Ms. Jeffryes worked for Pinnacle Bank and the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce. She also worked as a Regional Manager for Educatius International, placing international students, and recruiting families and schools.

  • Erica Gable Account Manager

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    Office: (402) 562-1806


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    Erica Gable, Account Manager serving the upper Midwest and Plains states, comes with a background in account management, recruiting, and banking. Before joining Pacific Premier, Gable managed a staffing agency for three years. Prior to that, she worked as a branch manager for a large credit union for almost 5 years. Gable has her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Education from Nebraska Wesleyan University.

    Please contact the account manager above either by phone or email to see if your project is a fit with our loan products.

  • Sara Groteluschen Account Manager

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    As an Account Manager serving the Mid Atlantic Territory, Sara Groteluschen has a background in sales and marketing, having worked in advertising sales at a local newspaper for more than 10 years. A Nebraska native, she attended Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE.

  • Shayla Jasper Account Manager

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    Cell: (201) 746-6936


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    As an Account Manager serving the Northeast territory, Shayla Jasper has a background in sales, sales management, and customer service. Prior to joining Pacific Premier Bank, Shayla worked as an Events Coordinator/Manager for Ramada Columbus and Rivers Edge Convention Center.